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ALCHEMĒ offers cutting edge integrative medical appointments with our expert physicians, treating a wide variety of conditions. At ALCHEMĒ, we combine the best of both conventional and natural medicines, always working to uncover the root cause of the problem, not simply suppressing symptoms.


Detoxification Chelation 22434 | ALCHEME

ALCHEME is a provider of detoxification and chelation in the 22434 and surrounding areas.


We live in a world where we are exposed to environmental toxins on a daily basis. Over the last 70 years, United States chemical production and use has increased over 16-fold. In recent years, a mounting pile of evidence has begun to accumulate demonstrating the connection between environmental chemicals and diseases such as cancer, heart disease and high blood pressure, blood sugar dysregulation and diabetes, obesity, hormonal imbalances, behavioral disorders, infertility, miscarriage and many more. 

At ALCHEMĒ Health we specialize in evaluating your body burden of toxic chemicals. By taking an environmental health history and combining this with cutting-edge laboratory testing to look for the presence of various classes of compounds in blood and urine, we are able to evaluate the toxins residing in your body. Depending on the types and quantities of chemicals present, an individualized detoxification and/or chelation (the removal of heavy metals with specific agents) protocol will be prescribed.

Additionally, lifestyle changes and routine maintenance will be discussed to avoid further exposure to harmful chemicals in the future.