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Tracy Younger, ALCHEMĒ’s CEO is a devotee of medical wellness and is a devoted skin care fanatic – it was only natural to migrate her dynamic sense of aesthetics and business savvy to found a new approach to vibrant living. As a senior health care executive, Tracy developed a multi-service wellness center encompassing the first hospital-based laser aesthetic center in California. For ALCHEMĒ, she has used her talent for finding the latest trends before they are mainstream, as well as her uncanny gift for recognizing unique talents, to create our winning team.



Our Medical Director, Roger Schechter has reinvented himself three times in his career. He started as a Family Practice doctor, but was quickly enticed by the fast paced world of Emergency Medicine. Eventually, he evolved in to a thought leader in Chronic Wound Care. Most recently, he was recruited by Tracy Younger (Our CEO) to learn the secrets of Aesthetic Medicine, and to co-found ALCHEMĒ. His passion for health made this a natural next step. Dr. Schechter’s restless and inquiring nature won’t allow him to simply accept being ruled by convention. Along with the ALCHEMĒ team, he is developing the dynamic concepts of Rebellious Health.











Allie is a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, focusing on Holistic Nutrition & Healing. Allie specializes in Women’s Health, Gut Healing and Thyroid Dysfunction.

She is trained to provide programs and protocols to assist individuals in achieving their health goals. She works to assess individual nutritional deficiencies using the body’s innate intelligence.

Through detailed questionnaires, in depth evaluations and the body’s response mechanisms, she guides and educates her clients to address any weaknesses through a properly prepared, whole foods diet. By addressing imbalances, she seeks to align the body to function optimally.

Allie coaches her clients not only from a nutrient perspective, but she is a huge believer in tapping into the mind to create long term changes that support healing, wellness and healthy habits.

Having gone through her own health experiences, she is passionate about helping you through yours, to live your most vibrant life.



Stephanie, a nutritionist and patient care coordinator, followed her passion into the holistic health realm after twenty years in the entertainment business, starring in soap operas including Guiding Light and All My Children in her teens and 20s (with a Daytime Emmy nomination in 2007!).  She has now spent over four years working with functional medicine doctors at some of San Diego’s most innovative clinics, guiding patients through treatment plans and helping others to develop a better understanding of, and love for, personalized wellness.  She is nearly finished with a Masters of Science program in Integrative Nutrition through Maryland University of Integrative Health, enjoys teaching meditation at the Kadampa Meditation Center of San Diego, and is mom to a boisterous toddler, Vela.  Stephanie is eager to work with people on personalizing their health and wellness journeys, and feels right at home in Alcheme’s peaceful, wellness-oriented space.



With over 21 years of experience, she customizes your massage to fit your likes and health needs. After spending time in Chiang Mia,Thailand, studying Thai massage and Eastern philosophy to healing. Her modalities include, Zen Touch/Shiatsu, Swedish, Trigger Point, Sports, Deep Tissue and Prenatal. Specializing in Deep tissue with the heated stones, Melting away the stress and allowing her to penetrate the muscles deeper and faster. Combining knowledge and experience in Eastern and Western Therapies, this experience will leave you feeling relaxed, pain free, rejuvenated and restored.



Meet Natalie Howe, our newest Alchemist!
After an early life and college in North Carolina, Natalie caught the travel bug, so during her 11 years of nursing, focusing primarily on oncology, she had stints in Austin and Palo Alto; finally settling in San Diego.
She shares that she always had a passion for cancer care: “I really enjoyed the relationships I developed with patients and families as I guided them through their journey”.
Her most recent passion is helping people find their best self! She has practiced aesthetic nursing for nearly 2 years. Her Mantra: “If you feel good in your own skin you gain a confidence that radiates!”
Natalie has not foregone her wandering ways completely. In her spare time she loves traveling the world with her husband, but often stays in town to help brighten the lives of ALCHEMĒ’s patients and to play with her fur babies, Stella, a mini Australian Shepherd and Lucy, a Goldendoodle.



Marisa joined ALCHEME in March 2018, after completing her aesthetics training with the American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery in Beverly Hills, California. She initially received her RN license in Texas. Subsequently, she worked in women’s health, as well as at a vein treatment center. The desire to help people look and feel their best brought her to aesthetics. She believes that when people are confident about themselves, it primes them for success in other areas of life. Marisa wants to help her patients feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and enhance their natural beauty, in order to live their best lives.