After 20 years in the medical field, Tracy Younger had enough—enough of the red tape and bureaucracy that stifled hospital conglomerates, the lack of personal care and service in medical practices, and the overall path of western medicine. Through her time in the medical field, a strong belief grew that there was a greater opportunity along with a growing consciousness towards new and more unique approaches to health.

Slowly the seed of ALCHEMĒ grew and a vision materialized.


Unite under one roof an eclectic collective of effective and disruptive disciplines dedicated to restoring the balance of one's whole being.


To passionately and purposefully push against the status quo in search of optimal health, personal euphoria, and consciousness.

Our curated space offers a wide array of whole-being medical services that cater to those looking to optimize their health and address the root cause of disease.

ALCHEMĒ offers cutting edge integrative medical appointments with our expert physicians, treating a wide variety of conditions. At ALCHEMĒ, we combine the best of both conventional and natural medicines, always working to uncover the root cause of the problem, not simply suppressing symptoms. Unlike conventional Western medicine which focuses on disease, integrative medicine focuses on all the aspects of a patient's life—physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and environmental—that contribute to a patient's health and well-being. Our appointments are significantly longer than average so we really get to know our patients, including their preferences and values.

We then combine physical exam with advanced laboratory testing, including genetic testing, to devise a treatment plan that addresses your individual blueprint.

Outer ALCHEMĒ is a carefully selected set of services and protocols that are designed to work in tandem to produce the best results for your specific aesthetic concerns. We offer the best non-surgical beauty solutions available, as well as a customized combination of the most cutting-edge technical advances in anti-aging, skincare and beauty today. Our range of medical spa services includes IPL, skin resurfacing, neurotoxins and fillers, skin tightening, acne and cellulite reduction, laser hair removal, and more.


Rebellious Health for Vibrant Living


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