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ALCHEMĒ offers cutting edge integrative medical appointments with our expert physicians, treating a wide variety of conditions. At ALCHEMĒ, we combine the best of both conventional and natural medicines, always working to uncover the root cause of the problem, not simply suppressing symptoms.



Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, commonly referred to as hCG, is widely thought of as the “pregnancy hormone,” however, it is naturally produced in the body of both women and men. HCG encourages weight loss by mobilizing stored fat, most commonly from the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. When combined with a low calorie diet, this mobilized fat is used as fuel and results in remarkable weight loss, commonly 1/2 a pound to 1 pound per day. Additionally, through mobilizing stored fat, hCG prevents feelings of hunger and fatigue that often accompanies dieting.

Our physician-supervised hCG Weight Loss Program includes a customized protocol based on your weight loss goals, laboratory work and physical exam, hCG injections, and weekly check-ins to maximize your results. Our program results in permanent weight loss without sacrificing energy, your mood or lean muscle mass.